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Arham Fulfagar is an indie singer-songwriter from Guwahati, Assam (Currently based out of Mumbai) who is a freelance video editor by day and writes poetry when he's not making music. He started putting his songs out in 2020 and his music stems out of his personal experiences. He is mostly inspired by artists like Damien Rice, Ray LaMontagne, Tom Odell, Anuv Jain, Prateek Kuhad and more. He writes in English as well as in Hindi and does spoken word, too.

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My Story

Born and brought up in the North-Eastern corner of India, I have always been fond of the creative side of the world, the side that it filled with poetry, music, art and romance. The side of the world where love is all around and beauty, inside the beholder's eyes. The side that shows you your truest self and the side, that never lies.

My friends used to tell me to sing 'Gulaabi aankhein' back in school. I would hold a water-bottle for a mic and act like I'm drunk and my friends would love it. I was into Bollywood music initially while growing up and not that I still don't like it but I developed a taste for indie artists like Damien Rice, Bon Iver, Ben Howard, Mumford and sons and a lot more in the past few years. I'm a huge Damien Rice fan and I always try to perform like he does.

College was when anxieties kicked in. I started writing a lot and most of the things I wrote were like notes to myself. I used to have panic attacks, nothing made sense most of the times. I broke up with my girlfriend who I basically grew up with. I went for therapy, and that wouldn’t make sense to me either. 

As soon as college got over I started working on my songs and completing them. I performed my original songs for the first time at a DIY festival in Himachal Pradesh in 2019. The response I received can't be put into words here. It was just so overwhelming. I felt so inspired and decided to start recording my music and put them out, which is what I’ve been doing this year. I’m making use of the lockdown and everything and it’s been really beautiful for me- meeting new people and growing as an artist.

My parents are very supportive, in fact they want me here just as much as I want all of this. It’s one of the best things in my life, but I’m also an over-thinker and it get’s into my head a lot of the times that I can’t let that support go in vain. I still struggle with anxiety especially now that I can’t travel to different cities, beaches and mountains because of the virus.

I'm a big believer of the Chaos theory, and I'm incredibly thankful for everything that has happened in my life, good and bad, because they've got me here. I have big dreams and even though it's a scary place, I'm not really that scared anymore, It's just so exciting to just let the universe work the way it's supposed to


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The Indian Music Diaries

"Originally from Guwahati, Arham Fulfagar who now is based out of Mumbai recently released his latest single Victim In Love. This acoustic track features Arham’s heartfelt vocals with soothing strumming, making the song in line with the feelings which have been conveyed by Arham via his track."



"Singer/songwriter from Guwahati, Arham Fulfagar writes and sings from a place of anxiety and uncertainty in his latest single, ‘Make It Alright’.  But this is not a cynical, negative rendition aiming to be a melancholic experience. Instead, Arham deploys easy, uncomplicated instrumentals to make his song, a pleasant listen for his listeners. The song is about a person who hasn’t been keeping well but hopes to recover.

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High On Score: Review

"Indie pop singer-songwriter Arham Fulfagar‘s latest single Make It Alright is an acoustic ballad that’s bittersweet yet uplifting in its sound. The singer starts off slowly  reminiscing on reassuring and being there for his beloved even if this certain seems to have ditched him on “one Christmas Eve”. 
Verdict: It’s one of those songs that you feel you’ve heard before but it’s simplicity, and rawness makes for some fine, feel-good listening."

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Gigital Reviews

A song of bittersweet melody, ‘Make It Alright’ calls to mind a multitude of emotions, without going overboard, and provides a remarkable demonstration of (@arhumm__) Arham Fulfagar’s vocals and talent for writing songs which people can relate to.

Listen to 'Make It Alright' on our playlist, GIIP 03.09.2020, streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. Click on the link in profile.


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