• Arham

Life, Death, and the Universe.

Someone once told me. We die three times. Once when you stop breathing. Once when the last person to know you dies. And once when what you created is forgotten. Nobody really wants to die. Even the ones who do, They want to end the suffering, and they have no choice that’s visible to them other than bringing their existence to an end. If dying really isn’t about your life span but what you do, what you create, how you make an impact while you’re alive, then even the ones to chose to end their lives probably think they may be able to finally have someone remember them this way, that someone will think of them, maybe even feel sorry or guilty for what the person had been feeling inside all this time, how unbearable it must have been for a person to end their lives when nobody know what lies beyond death.

I think people’s fear of death comes from their fear of the unknown. Nobody can ever know what really lies beyond death, because those who will, won’t be existing here in this world to tell the living, the secret to the other side, and it’s haunting and beautiful at the same time to think of what a wonder everything is.

The beauty of the universe lie in these unanswered questions, of what is life? Why do we exist like we do? Why do we dream? What is death? What lies beyond death? Nothingness? A new life? Heaven and hell? A new universe? Now and then I keep reminding myself, I really, really don’t want to die. Take my life, burn or burry my body, I don’t really mind, but let me be remembered, let me be a part of a beautiful chaos theory, let me be the butterfly effect to a beautiful world, let my work help, let my art heal, let my voice whisper in your ears for what a shame it would be if we were born only to die after a few years.

The irony is that the world is such a big place for us humans and yet just one tiniest drop in this ocean that we call the universe. Yet we tend to get stuck in the smallest corner of this drop for the most of our lives. This drop, this earth, this is all we really have to ourselves, all. I know it’s a little unfair that we exist without even understanding why or how, but rather than wasting the little we got, the one life, on understanding why we are here, let’s create our own answers, right? Why don’t we learn about this earth, try to experience and feel whatever we can, whatever we feel we want to. If the world runs on money, so be it. Why not earn ourselves the right to explore everything we have around us, and maybe someday suddenly, we will realise that time is just a dot and it will do all it can to stop us achieve our little goals.

So we play it smart, and we make a plan to beat time.

We die once when we stop breathing, when our time on this planet comes to a physical end, and we run after time, trying to have as much physical time here on Earth as possible, we spend all of our money for our health and the health of our family, we pray to whatever we believe in for a longer time here, but the inevitable is called so for a reason, how far can we run after all? The second death of us, is when the last person to know us dies, and that may take a really long time or a really short time, but sooner or later there will come a time when there’ll be no-one left on this earth, the earth where you spent all of your time and made so many memories and felt so many things, who would know you, we can’t escape this death for long.

But the third death, the death when what you created is forgotten, is something that can help us be immortals, that can help us last in this beautiful planet for a long time, all we’ve got to do is create, anything we can, art, inventions, revolutions, memories, positivity, and we pour our hearts and put our souls into each one of them. We create what we can, as much as we can, we give this world so many things that we become immortals. That’s what we are supposed to do. I know we aren’t supposed to know the answer to the ultimate question of everything, the purpose of life, I know we can’t really know what we’re really supposed to with our time here, but you know what I feel? I feel that it’s a blessing that we don’t know the answers to these beautiful questions. I’m glad that no-one has ever found out the answer, and no one ever will, and that is the beauty of universe, of life, possibility. Life, is anything and everything, that is the answer. Life is about all that can we make of it.

Our job is not to find ‘the’ purpose of life, but to believe in a purpose that we feel is right, that we all can share and connect with and maybe create history and future at the same time, we all can play part in our own little ways in making our existence worthwhile. Maybe that’s the purpose of life, to have no purpose and find one, make one, believe in one purpose and make the world a better place, the earth is all we really have. We are supposed to create rivers that flood cities with love not hate, We need to cause disasters that destroy the negativity in people, not the environment, we need to make art and create some beautiful catastrophe.

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