Debut Release

When people break up after years of being in a serious relationship,

it's almost impossible that the couple falls out of love just suddenly. This song is about that toxic point that almost always comes in every relationship. The break up stretches like a fucking chewing gum where you don't even know where you stand anymore.

You still feel something for the other person and you hope and wish it's love but it's not. It's toxicity. You don't talk for days and suddenly you do and it feels like everything is just fine.

You're like lovebirds on a Sunday morning but when you wake up the next day, you're fighting about something that you don't even remember anymore. You can't stand not seeing or talking to each other and when you do, you wanna make sure you're as together as you can be. And the wine helps, usually.

This song is about that moment where you know it's a bad idea but you drink to it anyway. You don't just drink to it, you start to like the beautiful mess that the wine creates for the both of you. This song is called Red wine.




What's ahead

I have been writing a lot more lately and I already have about 7 songs ready to be released and I want to drop my debut album by the end of this year or in the starting months of 2021. I have big dreams and I'm not really scared anymore, it's just so exciting to just let the universe work the way it's supposed to. It's all about having faith and making mistakes and learning from them.


The First Project


Red Wine - How

I performed for the first time at a DIY festival with the best vibe in Himachal Pradesh, India and the response I received can't be put into words here. It was just so overwhelming. I hadn't expected my songs to make this kind of impact. I felt so inspired and decided to start recording my music and put them out. I started with Red Wine which I released this month (March 2020) and I have lots of other music that I'm going to be releasing from now on


Artist Influence

I was into Bollywood music initially while growing up and not that I still don't like it but I developed a taste for indie artists like Damien Rice, Bon Iver, Ben Howard, The Shins, Mumford and sons and a lot more in the past few years. I even learnt hindustani classical music for 4 years in Guwahati, my hometown in the north-east part of India.


Inspiration to do what I do

I have always loved singing and a few years back I started writing and realised I got better over time. I started writing songs during my college days in Bangalore, India. I struggled with anxiety disorder and went for therapy where I realised I had to make a decision and I couldn't always keep music on the side line. I loved music enough to give it a shot and my parents are very supportive, in fact they want me here just as much as I want all of this. The love for music in my family, the love for music in me, the talent I think I have that I can never thank the universe enough for, is what inspires me.